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I am a dentist with the usual muscle strains associated with that line of work. I have made it a point to get a monthly massage from Robin as a definite relief from soreness with resulting increased pain free movement. She knows her stuff providing top quality therapy in a very business like environment. I would and do recommend her highly to all that I know.

Dr. Tony Burrows D.D.S.
Desert Springs Family Dentistry

As a Chiropractor I understand the importance of adjunctive therapies to my spinal adjustments such as massage therapy. In my almost eight years of practice I have recommended and referred my patients to massage therapists and have found that they will benefit more from their treatments by having massage. One person I can always refer to is Robin Byler Thomas. The feedback and results my patients have with Robin are always positive. Personally using her services I can easily agree with what they have to say. For a very effective massage I can always recommend massage by Robin.

Dr. Philip Aragon, D.C.
Back in Line Chiropractic L.L.C.

Getting a massage from Robin is wonderful for a number of reasons ranging from her calm, professional demeanor to the way you feel afterwards. Plus, she's an expert in many areas of health. However, I think the key differentiation for Robin's services is that she is totally comfortable customizing your session for what you need for that visit. It can range from in-depth work in a specific area that's troubling you to an overall general relaxing massage. I highly recommend her. I hope it's time for me to visit her again soon.

Jan Knight,
Bancroft Information Services

Robin is an expert massage therapist. Not only does she provide a relaxing experience, but she has expertise in how the body works. I have learned a lot from Robin and experience less pain as a result. I highly recommend Robin's services.

Leslie Clark
Owner at Shift, LLc
I use Robin regularly for pain issues as a result of my work. She is extremely knowledgable and always zeros in on the areas that need attention.
Jill Pierce
Owner of Pierce Painting
Thanks, Robin.  My jaw is amazing!  It is nearly normal!  I have better range of motion for my right shoulder too.  I've been working on the exercises you gave me.  Thanks!
Miriam Johnson
Nikken Wellness Consultant
Now Robin, with whom I've had monthly massages, is not just a masseuse. She really knows the anatomy, how it functions, medical terms and it is worth going to have a treatment.  I use to go get them at my club 2 miles from me but Robin's is so much more therapeutic.  
Bev Van Horn, ABR, GRI, e-PRO
Tierra Antigua Realty
I have known Robin for several years now.  I have had issues with neck and shoulder problems for some time; I attribute it to the type of work I perform. Robin is very knowledgeable and has been able to assist me with the issues I have regarding pains and aches.  She has recently done work on my son who has had problems, due to throwing baseballs most of his teen and grown up life.  He's currently having physical therapy and incorporating massage to help speed up his recovery.  I highly encourage any one who feels that they are experiencing muscle issues to contact Robin, I know that my son and I have benefited immensely. 
Melony Terry
Hair Stylist @ Bliss...The Salon

Just a note to thank you for all that you have done for my aches and pains.  I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee last June and then had major lower back surgery in November.  When I came to Arizona in January I had the feeling that both surgeries were a waste of time.  When I would go for my morning walk (about a mile) I would have to stop three to four times to relieve the pain.  At the end of January (2004) I started to go to you once a week for an hour treatment and the results have been great!  I now can take the mile walk without stopping once.  You can't believe how good that feels.  Thanks again.

Jerry Pillion
Newberry, Michigan

I don't know how to thank you enough or to let others know how much you helped me while I lived in Tucson.  As you know I have lots of back problems and had stress with the things that were going on in my life.  I look back at those days and remember how I felt before and after each visit, and wishing I was there for your wonderful massages.  I walked in with back aches, pain in my leg, or tension, all stressed out and unable to focus my thoughts.  I walked out totally relaxed, feeling like a new person and mentally refreshed.  I have had a couple of massages where I live now and it is no where near the same quality of massage.  I tell friends if they are ever planning on going to Tucson to let me know because I know someone that will help heal the body with her wonderful massages. 
Thanks so much.

Jerry Goldsmith

My husband and I have had several massages from Robin and very much enjoy the experience.  Robin will speak with you first to discover what it is you want to get out of the massage: relaxation, deep tissue, muscle repair, etc.  Her knowledge of the body is fantastic and she educates you on your body.  Each time I have gotten a massage from Robin she gives me tips on how to maintain the improvement between massages.  I really like that.  Aside from Robin's professional attributes, she is a lovely person with a great attitude. Thanks.

Casey Bernal, PHR
S & S Consulting

Thanks again for the great service and I shall pass the word!

Dr. Andrea Edmundson, CPLP
CEO, e-World Learning

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